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An Ulysses Light Mover. This one is MAXED  out on the weight limited. Yet she still runs like a CHAMP!


AgraMover in Use!

Satisfied Customer Video

A customer put this video up! It’s not only colorful, but you can see an AgraMover Light Mover at work!

This is what the description of the video entailed.

Garden with Twister, Pineapple fields, Huckleberry Kush, THC Bomb and Tutankhamon. Perfect Sun 1000 uses 520 watts but outputs equal or better PAR than a 1000W hps. This light has a great spectrum and puts out a nice white light. Spectrum is complete including IR and UV, heavy on blue and really heavy on red. Check out the spectrum at the growpotcheaply link. I received this light to demo a grow and was given no other instruction. So any words or opinions are mine and I stand by them. The light intensity is too high unless mounted far enough away, so I chose a light mover. This allows decent coverage and a higher light intensity hanging the light about 18″ above the canopy. After this vid I shifted the plants to better use available light.

This particular video is just an intro with no words. Other video will be added to show different features of the light and the grow room progress. The light to the right is a 600W hps and the LEDS to the left are Eshine 3W x 150 LEDs (265W draw)


YouTube Channel: AgraMover

This is our AgraMover YouTube Channel. Here is where you will find the different videos we’ve made to help with answering some common questions.

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Here’s a job we recently completed, it was for moving lights over the pool at The Toronto Aquatic Sports Center.

When the architects that were designing the Pan Am Aquatic Sports Center in Toronto Canada, they approached us about designing a system so they could move the lights over the huge pool to a cat walk.

 *The idea is to enable their crews to change bulbs from the catwalk without having to rig up scaffolding etc.*

Since AgraMovers run on strut channels, we were able to come up with a system that could do the job and could be easily adapted to their structure with standard fittings and procedures.

Many colleges and universities have employed our systems into their greenhouses and indoor warehouse growing facilities. The University of Minnesota that wrote the textbook for self contained ecological system has not only used our systems, but based a study on them.

Before Installation


After Installation

AgraMover made its way over to Russia. We did a project for a guy in Moscow. Here are a few of the pictures.

Project in Moscow - A Hybrid Ulysses photos showing the completed installation.

The Moscow Project

 Our Customer Support Team Members searched out forums and discussions regarding AgraMover products and the customer reviews.

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On this forum thread; there are a few pictures that were posted by AgraMover Owners!


Continuing on the search we found another forum.



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