Econo Mover Light Mover



Mechanically identical to the Plus and Standard, but these units have no built in timer or outlet for accessories.

If your grow-room is such where you can move your plants around, you may not need a timer to balance out the light for your plants on the ends.

These are excellent starter kits for those who want a product that will last just as long as the deluxe’, without some of the bells and whistles.


The EconoMover is the lowest priced linear mover we sell, but don’t think that it’s any less heavy duty than our AgraMover Plus, or AgraMover Standard.

Everything on an EconoMover (or any of the 3 models) from it’s trolley right down to the lamp mounting is designed and built stronger, and heavier duty than the other brand.

Our Linear Line of movers were built strong to do the job long! Oddly enough just a few little things set these movers apart.

The only differences between all 3 models are the electronics packages they come with.

This model has no timer (unlike the Plus and Standard models that do).

The wheelbase is 2″ longer providing a straighter, more steadfast travel.

It has our special dual urethane driving wheel that keeps a more even tension against the rail while providing longer life than any competing product.



Available in 6 RPM (Standard), 2 or 4 RPM versions for an additional 10.00 charge.

Additional information

Weight 4.0 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 5 in

1 review for Econo Mover Light Mover

  1. aqualogical

    Great product!
    I purchased the Economover along with the rail and a cord caddy over a year ago. I am now looking at purchasing another one for a different location. I used this with the slower motor to move a Metal Halide lamp back and forth over my 6 foot saltwater aquarium. It has been running continuously for over a year even over a humid, salty environment. Excellent product!!!

    • AgraMover

      I’m glad we went with all aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic components. Otherwise we wouldn’t be getting such feedback. Thanks so much for letting us know how well it’s working for you. Looking forward to your next order!

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