AgraMover Hercules Light Mover


The Hercules is a rack and pinion bridge type mover that is capable of carrying up to 4 air cooled lamps while towing up to 4 Tandem Trolleys each carrying up to 4 lamps.

Add Tandem Trolleys and Blank Rail Extensions to cover much larger areas. Standard kit is for a 10 x 10′ room.


It comes with an 8′ Strut channel for lamp mounting and hardware.


The Best Quality light mover specifically designed for hauling multiple lamps in rectangular grow-rooms!




It is recommended to install safety cables for your lamps per the instructions.

If you Click on the hyperlink  below (Hercules) you can watch a Hercules in action.



Designed with the same skills that went into the standard AgraMover, this RACK AND PINION driven device works like a bridge crane. Two 8 foot tracks, four feet apart carry an 8′ or greater length strut channel that can accommodate up to four 1000 watt lamps.



(Other dimensions and configurations are available. Contact Us for other size and price options)



This is for the serious grower who needs more. It is designed for the gardener who seeks to cover a 10 X 10′ area in the simplest possible way.


It makes it possible to synchronize your lights’ movements. Also to organize the power cords to the lamps from common directions without criss-crossing.


With no randomly moving lamps, you will be creating a clean sweep from one end to the other like a team of well trained horses.


It creates a neat, clean, and organized lighting system for your grow-room for less money than buying 4 linear light movers.



* 210 in. oz. synchronous gear-motor

(the most powerful used on any light mover)

* Synchronized rack and pinion propulsion

* Adjustable travel stops

* Adjustable dwell timer for end of stroke pause

* Aircraft aluminum and stainless steel construction

(except axle shafts which are steel)

* Lamp mounting bar is a 1-5/8″ square strut channel included in kit in which many standard off the shelf brackets and attachments are readily available for to satisfy your creative minds.

* Replaceable nylon pinions and wheels

* Sealed bearings (no bushings)

Included in the kit is;

*enough hardware for mounting 4 HID lamps

* 12′ detachable power cord

* Electrical outlet that travels with the unit for plugging in accessories such as fans (or a standard AgraMover carrier)


Please allow one week for this item to ship. It will arrive in two parcels, one 8′ shipping tube, and one 8 X 8 X 54 carton.


If your seek a different variation than the 10 X 10′ room configuration offered here, please contact me for a price quote.


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This saves you money when your grow room grows.

Additional information

Weight 50.0 lbs
Dimensions 97 x 10 x 7 in


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